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for athletes & parents


At our youth hockey organization, we hold our athletes and parents to high standards of behavior and sportsmanship. We expect our athletes to be dedicated to their personal development as players and to be positive, respectful members of the team. We also expect our parents to support their children's involvement in hockey and to be respectful of coaches, officials, and other players. By working together, we can create a positive and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and enjoy the sport


visual insight on your journey.

Here at the Winterhawks Youth Hockey association, it is our mission to propel you as far

as you envision your career going. We have a staff of coaches that are dedicated to advancing you towards a great future as a hockey player. Our coaches are integrally connected throughout Junior, ACHA and NCAA hockey. Focused on developing your skills to the necessarily ability, and advocating for you as a player, we pride ourselves on making it our mission to see you achieve your hopes and dreams.


step 1: Let's get to work.

We help athletes at every stage. Learn to skate programs are available at our home rink, "Winterhawks skating center"

get outfitted with skates, gear, and a hockey stick at our in-house skate shop
If you're an elite or returning hockey player, click here for our program summary

All players develop at different rates, and so much of what separates players at young ages is skating proficiency. Physical size and strength plays a role, but so does instruction.

Too often, young players find early success in recreational hockey and skip over critical foundational development in favor of programs that promise "elite competition" and team success.

As size and strength balances over time, the players who have focused on skating technique and skill acquisition often pass the players who put individual development on the back burner.

step 3: be patient about your goals

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